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The chiliZ Blockchain Campus is an accelerator and industry hub connecting some of the industry’s largest stakeholders across Asia and Europe, together with other emerging blockchain entrepreneurs. Our campus is 100% privately held by chiliZ and located on-site in Malta. Known as “The Blockchain Island”, this small EU nation is a leader in the adoption of government-level framework to regulate blockchain enterprises and the financial dynamics which underpin them within Europe.


Hot Desks

Floating workspaces with reciprocity among other blockchain business hubs around the world, with initial partnerships already secured in Singapore & Paris. Hot desk clients will also have access to the blockchain campus suite of Small Business tools including HR, PR & Legal services.

Mentorship programs

Established blockchain businesses & pillars of the crypto community are partnering with the campus to provide emerging teams entrepreneurs & engineers with structured mentorship opportunities to help them and their projects flourish.

Funding Accelerators

Leading blockchain investment funds will regularly gather on campus to review members’ projects informally as well as gathering in more formal pitch-style settings to review prospective highlights being incubated on-site.

Networking Access

Networking events with leading Asian and EU based cryptocurrency funds. Engagement opportunities with leading cryptocurrency exchanges. B2B events for emerging blockchain companies to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

Protocol-specific training

Numerous organizations behind today’s major protocols are partnering directly with the campus to train engineers and entrepreneurs alike in best practices & optimal project development and implementation routes for their technologies.

Venue Spaces for client events

chiliZ blockchain campus members will have access to premium open spaces for events they may need to hold on behalf of their projects/ businesses.

Video production solutions

Turnkey - Studio, Crew and Editing/ Graphics solutions which campus members can use to realize videos for ICO pitches and marketing, advertising, educational or business-centric content.

2000 sqm of flexible workspace

chiliZ blockchain campus' sheer size ensures that it can accommodate aggressive growth, welcoming blockchain from around the world to find their home in Europe.

All chiliZ blockchain campus membership services will be payable directly in CHZ

“If it is naive, crazy, disruptive and unlikely to work, do it.”

Alex Dreyfus, CEO


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For more information, questions, or inquires into how you can join the campus please contact Beatrice Collet – Managing Director, chiliZ Blockchain Campus at: [email protected]

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