If you missed Alex’s latest update, which explained how Chiliz will use the postponement of global sporting events as an opportunity to innovate and develop new features, you can find all the key details, including some exciting plans for the future, below. Don’t forget there’s going to be a much more detailed keynote coming on March 30th.

We will come through this stronger
We’ve been planning our response to the potential escalation of the COVID-19 crisis for a while and we’re fully prepared to use this time as effectively as possible to add new features, new tech and to bring some exciting new ideas to fruition.

The health and safety of our team comes before anything else, and, as of last Friday, our core teams in Malta and France have all begun to work from home. We’re focused and ready to use this time to make us stronger than ever before.

We’re still recruiting and hope to add more members to our development team over the coming weeks so we can deliver the fan-engagement led features & products the sports industry is going to need more than ever in a few months time.

I’ll be able to reveal more on plans, including the release of version 1.6 of – which will allow us to send $CHZ & Fan Tokens outside the app, the launch of our Chat feature and much more – when I deliver the full keynote/AMA on March 30th.

Our focus is on creativity
Notwithstanding the disruption to working conditions, the current health crisis has interrupted our plans in the sense that several partnerships and other announcements have had to be put on temporary hold.

However, this disruption has also presented us with the opportunity to be creative. We have a 65+ strong team who are working hard to use our resources to bring both sports teams and their sponsors closer to fans.

I’m convinced that the growing crisis has further highlighted the importance of fan engagement and the need to find new ways to monetize fans outside of TV rights, tickets and merchandise.

It’s really promising that many of these organisations are now approaching us directly for solutions and we’re going to be working very hard to develop the features and tools they need.

New partnerships on the horizon
Our global partnerships team are having daily conversations with the biggest sports and entertainment brands in the world and, as I’ve already mentioned, we’re receiving more calls than ever before.

In terms of impending announcements, we’ve secured an agreement with one very big sports IP and it’s just a matter of choosing the right time to announce, while we’re in the same position with another major partner from the world of esports.

We’ll also be putting pen to paper on several new corporate/strategic partnerships in the weeks and months to come.

The FC Barcelona FTO is also still lined up to take place in Q2.

Home Hunt #homewithsocios
We have launched Home Hunt, which is an extension of’s in-app Augmented Reality (AR) Token Hunt feature, where fans can track down hundreds of thousands of $CHZ Tokens over the coming weeks without the need to leave their homes.

The launch of Home Hunt is part of our #homewithsocios campaign. Launched last week, the campaign aims to encourage fans across the world to stay home and help stop the spread of COVID-19. The campaign gathered momentum over the weekend, with over 330k fans using the #homewithsocios hashtag.

We will continue to deliver
If we’ve promised something, then we’ve always delivered it and that’s not going to change.

And, while we can’t say when the sporting world will fully reawaken, we will continue to develop our products and generate new ideas in the meantime.

There’s a famous saying in France – ‘we don’t have oil, but we have ideas’. In our case, we don’t have sports events, but we do have creativity and innovation.

The reality is whatever happens in the next 2-3 months, we are still at the beginning, so to speak, of what is a 5 to 10 year plan. $CHZ is a rare utility token that will continue to have rare and valuable utility. Investors realise the huge opportunity and when the sports/consumer industry does get going again, we will be the first company they look at.

Stay safe. Don’t forget the next update in 2 weeks time!

Thank you,