Dear Chilizens,


In case you missed it, just over 2 months ago we announced the Chiliz Alliance, our brand ambassador program. We received a large response, with lots of applicants from many different parts of the world. 


We’re pleased to announce that the starting eleven Chiliz Alliance members have been chosen, and we’re confident that these members will assist us in growing our global ecosystem and help us to build a strong foundation for the Alliance. Please remember that the Alliance is a voluntary program and will be on-going; applications will remain open and we will invite members to join when we see fit.


Here are the starting 11!

Name & Telegram Region
Momo @MomoCryptos English
Simon @Sim0ns0n English
Cute Froger @cutefroger Japanese
Maxi @Maxi1O8 Japanese
88 @yu88yu88 Japanese
Soohwan @Lee_Soohwan Korean
Dooyoung @jdy20000 Korean
Waybe @waybesuricata   Turkish
Şamil @Samilbayraktar Turkish
Justin @JustinWangDY Chinese
Galaxy @GalaxyNode Chinese


If you are interested in joining the Alliance, you can apply here. If you have any questions about the Alliance, please ask in our Telegram: 



– The Chiliz Team