The Chiliz Blockchain Campus is delighted to announce a new partnership with BINARYSTAR, Japan’s biggest blockchain business hub. 

The partnership will give entrepreneurs from both the Campus and BINARYSTAR, access to facilities and networks offered by both hubs.

BINARYSTAR aims to connect blockchain technology and promising startups with large corporations in the pursuit of innovation. It’s mission is to assist their clients and partners in achieving the utmost speed in blockchain-business integration. 

The Chiliz Blockchain Campus is an industry hub connecting some of the industry’s largest stakeholders across Asia and Europe, together with other emerging blockchain entrepreneurs. 

Junya Yamamoto, CEO Binarystar said “Becoming partners with the Chilliz team is a great honor and a big step towards connecting Japan and the world to the Blockchain industry. As important Blockchain Business hubs, we hope through this partnership to globally display how to utilize Blockchain technology and the token economy. We look forward, together with Chiliz, in leading the way and spurring on evolution in this new technological and industrial front.”

Beatrice Collet, Managing Director, Chiliz Blockchain Campus said, “I’m truly excited to partner with BINARYSTAR, the largest blockchain business hub in Japan, offering support for startups and corporations in all their needs in the blockchain sector. We look forward to giving access to our globe-trotting entrepreneurs to the most vibrant co-working space in Japan as well as to welcome Japanese Blockchain entrepreneurs to the Blockchain Island. This is just the first step, of many, which we will do together in the future.”


For more information, please contact:

Chiliz Blockchain Campus

Beatrice Collet, Managing Director,


Waylon Johnston, Communications Manager, +356 9924 2222,


Otavio Oliveira, Global Account Manager,

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BINARYSTAR provides practical solutions for Blockchain integration; from the slightest questions to complex applied ideas. Blockchain businesses at BINARYSTAR will have our full support with marketing, business matching, and opportunities for event coordination. Through our membership plans, Blockchain businesses from overseas will have the chance to have an office and event-hall in the heart of Tokyo to fulfill all their goals.
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