The Chiliz Blockchain Campus is proud to announce a partnership with Inkube, the first blockchain accelerator and incubator in Turkey. 

The partnership will give entrepreneurs from both the Campus and Inkube access to facilities offered by both hubs, effectively offering a home away from home for entrepreneurs from both office spaces. 

Being the first of its kind, Inkube aims to accelerate the development of Turkey’s blockchain ecosystem, through hosting events to increase awareness, providing education to amplify the general blockchain based solutions, and by creating a hub for blockchain professionals to collaborate and innovate together.

The Chiliz Blockchain Campus is an industry hub connecting some of the industry’s largest stakeholders across Asia and Europe, together with other emerging blockchain entrepreneurs. 

Mert Baser, Partner at Inkube said ““We are delighted to partner with the Chiliz Blockchain Campus and look forward to enhancing the global blockchain ecosystem together. Being established in Malta, where regulatory certainty is definite and blockchain ecosystems are thriving; Chiliz Blockchain Campus will be an amazing opportunity for our community in Turkey. Expanding our collective performance with Chiliz members’ expertise will be tremendous. We are thrilled to host Chiliz members in Istanbul!

Beatrice Collet, Managing Director of the Chiliz Blockchain Campus said “Accelerating the development of Turkey’s blockchain ecosystem, Inkube is the ideal place for blockchain entrepreneurs to operate and network within Istanbul. I couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with them to enhance the opportunities that we both offer our members. Through this partnership, we are providing our current Chiliz Blockchain Campus entrepreneurs with a home away from home in Turkey and are facilitating business ties between the two strong communities. We look forward to welcoming our Inkube partners to our Maltese hub.”


For more information, please contact:

Chiliz Blockchain Campus

Beatrice Collet, Managing Director,


Waylon Johnston, Communications Manager, +356 9924 2222,


Mert Baser, Partner,



About Inkube

Inkube offers an ecosystem in Istanbul where blockchain enthusiasts from corporations, universities, and startups come together to complement each other and thrive on the amplified benefits of collective performance. Find out more here:

About Chiliz Blockchain Campus

The 1,800 sqm Chiliz Blockchain Campus is a fintech epicenter in Malta. The Campus will house world-leading crypto exchanges and service providers and offers a turnkey solution to blockchain companies and aims to become the European gateway for Asian organisations. Find out more here: