As we move towards our product launch in Q2, we’re happy to announce two more team members to have joined the Marketing and Communications Department.

Gilbert, joins us as Head of Marketing and will be responsible for leading the overall marketing strategy for — attracting new customers through digital marketing and nurturing their entire experience.

Bringing with him vast experience within digital marketing, Gilbert joins us fresh out of “an intense and enriching experience” running a software company. He also spent the last 8 years working in a purely digital marketing environment, distributing consumer software to people worldwide.

Gilbert says: “I’ve been following Chiliz for a while as it offers a combo of things that make me tick: sports, digital, and creating value to people. If all the plans I’ve seen so far come to life, then fans worldwide are in for an amazing time.” He added that he loves the positivity and good vibes across the departments.

Outside of work Gilbert’s main passion is football but, it now seems he doesn’t need to make that distinction any longer.

Siyi has joined us as a Marketing Executive for China. Previously, she worked within business development for an immigration and fund management company, and also in the UK for a Chinese food company, where she bridged the gap between the European and Chinese markets.

Siyi said: “ provides a very innovative and straightforward way to engage the power of fans which also benefits the sports teams reversely. It is a win-win business model that has the potential to change the structure of the sports industry. I feel thrilled about it as the fan base of sports & e-sports in China is growing drastically and different age bands are joining in. I would love to see what changes Chiliz can bring to the sports ecosystem in China.”

In her spare time, Siyi enjoys keeping up-to-date with the Fintech industry and is a big fan of Brit rock and cult movies.

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