Dear Chilizens,

We are happy to announce that Chiliz Tokens are now trading on Binance DEX with the pair CHZ/BNB. Please note, you are also able to purchase CHZ for BNB using the Trust Wallet app, which has Binance DEX built in.

The Chiliz Tokens trading on Binance DEX are BEP-2, and currently, there is no way to migrate from BEP-2 to ERC-20. We will announce as soon as this is possible. If you are more interested in purchasing Fan Tokens on the Socios app once it has launched, we recommend keeping some tokens as ERC-20, as we will not have integrated BEP-2 support from launch, and will only likely do so from around Q3/Q4.

Thanks to all of you who have been patient over the past year. We look forward to launching some community activities to reward our top Chilizens.

Thank you,