We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with The Story Mob, the world’s leading communications consultancy focused solely on competitive gaming and their communities, to help us with our esports communications.

Here at chiliZ, we’re on a mission to enable both esports and sports entities to tokenize their voting rights to their fan bases, all by fostering radical fan engagement. As esports is at the very core of what we’re doing, we want to be close to the community and maintain an open dialogue with esports fans.

“chiliZ allows fans to get more involved with their favorite teams. Creating a sense of ownership and fostering engagement is central to our foundations, and we know that The Story Mob, with their years of experience in the industry and their passion for esports, is the right team to help us tell that story,” said Emma Diskin, Director of PR and Communications.

The Story Mob believes esports fans are the most valuable community in the world, and there is only one way to reach them: through authentic, transparent and timely communication.

“With chiliZ, the fan is the hero and is central to the entire experience as well as being an integral part of a team’s future. We believe that esports fans will resonate with chiliZ’s vision and become dedicated to the cause, the platform, and the possibilities it offers. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership ,” commented Kalie Moore, Co-Founder of The Story Mob.

You can check out more about The Story Mob here, and give them a follow here!