We’re happy to welcome four more fantastic colleagues to the Chiliz team strengthening the Business Development and Tech Departments.

Oleg joins us as a Football Partnership Manager and will be responsible for the acquisition and onboarding of new football teams to

He has extensive experience within the football industry and joins us from FC Zenit, St. Petersburg, in Russia. Oleg is excited to join and said he found Chiliz and to be a unique combination of technology and sports, all within an international environment.

An animal lover, Oleg fosters stray dogs and helps them adapt to a domestic environment. He’s also passionate about sports and was in fact the captain of his office football team. He’s also currently studying within the EMBA Sports Management program in Real Madrid Graduate School and is President of this group.

Thomas joins us as a Frontend Developer after working at ICON Studios where he gained valuable experience working on a number of projects for a range of international clients. Thomas said: “Chiliz is super interesting for me both from a technological and an industry perspective. I’m a very big sports fan — I am passionate about sports, motorsports, and even esports, and what Chiliz will be giving us fans is amazing. I will definitely be using the app myself, so I’m both excited and proud to be a part of this.”

In his free time, Thomas is very passionate about music and he studied piano for a large part of his life. As a hobby he collects vinyl records of various artists and genres. And enjoying time with friends.

Frontend Developer, Shehu, joins the team from SMS-Warriors after gathering experience in Asia and the Baltics. The idea of what Chiliz and are trying to achieve really resonated with him: “I see Chiliz being a real game changer,” Shehu said, adding that the “the team is filled with super amazing people that are fun to work with. A truly inspiring bunch.” Shehu also aims to be the one of first people to make esports a big thing in Africa. In his free time, he’s into movie soundtracks and has also made soundtracks for a couple of films and video game trailers.

Redouane, a French-Algerian IT Engineer and has joined us as a lead blockchain engineer and senior frontend developer. Before joining Chiliz, Redouane, owned his own company and had the opportunity to work on a variety of technologies on both frontend and backend. He said: “I deeply believe that our future as humans and our relationship to technology has to be through the use of decentralised and peer-to-peer systems that are (along with chocolate) probably the only way to grow a balanced modern society. That’s what makes my position at Chiliz, a perfect fit for me. My real passion is to imagine and design (or participate in) win-win systems and provide a better future for my wife and daughter, because I care a lot about them”.

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