chiliZens Update #4 — Token Generation Event

Dear chiliZens,

I’m very pleased to announce that last Friday, we created our 8.8 billion chiliZ tokens, marking a major milestone for the chiliZ team, who have been working incredibly hard to get to where we are today.

This is also a fantastic achievement for our development team, who used the latest OpenZeppelin 2.0, which was released only a few days prior to the creation of the tokens.

You can find the smart contract address here and the audit dated of October 21st here.

A lot of our followers were very keen to understand when the $CHZ tokens would be available for distribution, especially given our announcements about our partnerships with Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus.

Over the last two months, we have continuously stated our belief in the need to only distribute the $CHZ tokens once the market was more stable, but more importantly, when the company was ready, in terms of marketing, audit and security, product roadmap, partnerships and deal flow. Now is the time, and we feel very comfortable with our current situation.

Now that we’ve created the tokens, we are working on our distribution plan, which should take place over the next two to three weeks. The tokens will be distributed to our contributors and trading partners, to ensure that Paris Saint-Germain & Juventus fans can start to accumulate $CHZ tokens, and be the first to acquire Fan Tokens. We are also working on lining up the next top 10 sports teams to join the platform, powered by chiliZ.

Our blockchain marketing strategy has begun, as we start to promote our chiliZ brand and grow our community. This will coincide with the launch of the chiliZ Blockchain Campus, and also the Malta Blockchain Summit this week, when many Japanese, Korean and international speakers & investors are in Malta and are keen to meet with us.

I’m in the process of finalizing some events where I’ll be speaking in Bangkok and Singapore at end of November.

Thank you and please follow all of our social media channels (including mine), on Telegram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Alexandre DREYFUS.
CEO of chiliZ.