chiliZens Update #6 — $250k + token schedule

Dear chiliZens,

What an incredible few days it’s been. Welcome to another chiliZens update capturing what we’ve done so far and so fast here on the Blockchain Island.

Last week saw us launch the first chiliZ rewards contest giving away $250,000 USD worth of chiliZ. This gives fans the chance to get their hands on chiliZ allowing them fan access to Paris Saint Germain and Juventus.

We now have all Twitter accounts verified and also replaced sociosdotcom with the simpler @socios which is another step towards staking our claim and building assets in the industry.

Over the past week, the crypto market tanked which forced us to reconsider our strategy for the distribution and trading schedule. We have reached out to all our major chiliZens, from Asia to Europe and Latin America, to seek their advice and we’ve also spoken to our crypto advisors on what is best to protect the venture.

It has been recommended to us to hold on through this ‘bear’ market and wait until Q1 2019.

While it’s frustrating for all of us and challenges some of our plans, including commercial plans and strategic partnerships, it’s our role to adjust accordingly and deliver the best value for our product and our users. We’re all working hard to ensure a successful launch.

I’m glad that we’re now reaching our targets in terms of HR with our new additions to the Development Team including a UI/UX Designer and Senior Backend Engineer that will push us forward along the roadmap we’ve worked on.

When it comes to the chiliZ Blockchain Campus we’re receiving daily visits from interested parties and but more importantly from partners who want to work with Socios and develop this product successfully.

It’s incredibly satisfying to not only share our vision for football with the industry professionals but also receive such positive feedback.

That’s all for now and I look forward to giving you the next chiliZens Update soon, after my trip to Asia next week.

Thanks Alex