Dear Chilizens,

We’ve had a lot of news recently and our team is now SUPER busy. Together with signing new partnerships with clubs all over the world, we are also preparing for the launch of our mobile app – and great news, 1.0 was today approved by the App Store. We are still not ready to launch, adding many more features, but it is an important milestone in our journey. Many more features will be added after the summer period.

Following our Proposal of Listing on the community forum last week, we also got approved by the Binance DEX Validators today. Unlike other discussions that have, and are, taking place with centralized exchanges, this was a public process, and we received a lot of love, amazing positive comments and views of our proposal. Over the course of a week, we received 90 community votes, 63 comments and nearly 5,000 views. I do encourage you to read our big update message as there is a lot of information about us and our plans, and you can read why we are different and unique.

Having the approval of the Binance DEX validators means that we can be listed at anytime on Binance DEX with BNB/CHZ. Importantly, it does not mean we intend to list tomorrow morning. We are still finalizing our plans to ensure a strategic launch soon enough, powered by the announcement of many major partners supporting both the Chiliz vision and the product. It also needs some details to be announced about ERC20/BEP2 partial migration.

Chiliz is a very unique venture and we are looking to try to produce a very unique launch. But, we need to ensure our product is as good as it can be, even if that means that we need to lower expectations in the short term. It’s important for our supporters to understand that this is a long-term play with a long-term vision.

We are very lucky to be where we are right now, and we can’t wait to deliver more and more very soon.

Thanks for your support,