Gaming & Blockchain Run Close Together

A random thought about 2 different worlds that are home to a lot of the same people.

It’s not a groundbreaking to assert the strong affinity the cryptocurrency and gaming/ esports worlds seem to have for one another. Like many other digitally affined entrepreneurs, game publishers, esports organizers and gaming/ game-related platform developers have flocked to blockchain. Whether its to make payment gateways, trustless P2P asset exchanges, a solution to make fan-controlled esports a reality (i.e. us), or something else — the gaming industry seems very willing to go all in.

There’s a common belief which helps fuel this level of investment — industry stakeholders are certain their users will adopt whatever new technology they present with open arms. For lack of a better word, that’s a ballsy belief — but one with some serious logic behind it.

Gamers and esports fans fit into the same demographic parameters as early cryptocurrency adopters. They — for better or worse — skew young, male, single, educated & share certain benchmarks of affluence (check out our below recap and judge for yourself).

As direct demographic references for cryptocurrency holding, trading and activity are relatively unavailable we’re using the largest scale Reddit user survey of cryptocurrency subreddit users — from November, 2017 — as our central reference here.

From respondents of Reddit’s survey (cryptocurrency engaged people):

95% — are Male

26–30 — Median Age

50% — hail from Europe

33% — hail from North America

17% — hail from the rest of the world combined

75% — hold University degrees (or higher)

20% are current students — 60% of which are University students

40% — consider themselves “gamers”

Other than age, money and education trends — gamers and crypto-enthusiasts share a less tangible connection: Mindest. No one needs to explain to either community that digital assets are something that hold real value, or explain how this can be the case. Its an inherent truth.

Gamers have long converted real, conventional money to buy and store digital assets — be it in saddles in World of Warcraft, pots and pans in PUBG or rifle skins in CS:GO. Furthermore they can see the value in these things — whether its an asset for them to enjoy something or as a tradeable investment.

The tokenization of such assets, as well as the use of a digital currency to handle everything from esports bets to team management, isn’t a stretch for gamers. Its a welcome respite and source of security in knowing those valuable digital assets won’t just be stripped away at the whim of a publisher, a tech failure, bug or otherwise.

In gaming and esports, blockchain development offers real solutions for real fears & barriers. In a climate where seemingly everything is being put through the ‘blockchain/ tokenized version of’ lens, having your community eagerly adopt proposed solutions because they already exist in an entertainment universe of digital things and are confident you can help, is a rare and valuable connection.

Max Rabinovitch | CSO, chiliZ