Global Player League (GPL) Acquires Discord PUBG Channel

Discord, a cross-platform voice and text chat app, is just three years old. In under a year, it has doubled in size, and is now home to 90+ million PC gamers. It’s a place to hang out, to chat, and more importantly, to voice chat and play at the same time.

The Global Player League from chiliZ has partnered with YouTuber Vault Dude on a 45,000-strong community (Find a Team: PUBG) of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround fans.

The channel already features a tool that helps players find teams for which they can play across PC, Xbox and mobile. In preparation for the launch of the chiliZ platform and the first Global Player League, chiliZ will also add a new semi-automatic ranking system to the channel to further improve the match-making facility..

This new channel will run alongside another PUBG Discord — the PUBG Exp. Community by GPL.