Dear Chilizens,

We are calling on our top community members to help us continue to grow the Chiliz ($CHZ) ecosystem and help raise awareness. Many of you have been closely following our development over the past 18 months and we truly appreciate your support. We would like to invite all of our Chilizens to apply to join our volunteer program to become a member of the Chiliz Alliance.

If you are accepted, you will be contacted VIA email and Telegram by Joe, the Chiliz Community Lead. Please ensure that you are speaking with the real Joe, as we have been targeted by scammers in the past who try to impersonate Chiliz Team Members. 

Here’s how you can help:

  • We are a multinational team, fluent in over 18 languages, but our superpowers are limited, which means we’re not always capable of dedicating the appropriate time to translate important news announcements / app features. We would like to invite you to help us crowd-translate.
  • For a small team, we produce a LOT of news and that means a lot of questions and comments in our community channels. Sometimes we don’t get round to answering everything, especially in different time zones. We’d love for you to help us answer and guide our members, helping moderate and enforce the Chiliz Community Conduct.
  • Members of the Chiliz Alliance will get early access to the app features and the ability to provide feedback/suggestions directly to the Socios team to help ensure our user journey is smooth and seamless as well as to help find bugs that need squashing. 
  • Help us connect with the sports and crypto communities in your local area and spreading the Chiliz & brand.

Benefits of becoming a member of the Chiliz Alliance:

  • Receive free $CHZ based on how much time you are able to dedicate to Chiliz
  • Invites to our events as a privileged guest, and the freedom to organise local meetups on our behalf
  • Exclusive and Chiliz merchandise and meetups
  • Seeing & testing new developments on the app before everyone else
  • Welcome box with some cool Chiliz / swag
  • Chiliz Alliance title in our official Telegram channels
  • Tickets to sports matches from our partner teams


  • Location: Global
  • Selection Criteria: Must be passionate about Chiliz ($CHZ),, cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Must have been following Chiliz for over 6 months
  • Must be engaged with our brands on Social Media channels 
  • Must own $CHZ
  • Must be able to communicate in basic written English
  • Ability to schedule a call with a member of the Chiliz team

Have more questions about becoming a member of the Chiliz Alliance? Ask in our Telegram

Apply here.