If you haven’t spotted Tom commentating on esports events, you’ve certainly heard him. His trademark voice commands your attention. Tom is our resident esports expert and a Partnership Manager here at Chiliz. But what does he do exactly? 

What do you do as an esports and gaming partnership manager?  

“I use my network and previous experience in gaming to connect with esports organisations, and work towards creating a partnership between the teams and the platform. I also work on anything/everything esports/gaming related within” 

What’s your background? Have you always worked in this space? 

“I actually started out in recruitment (sales/tech) while also working as an esports commentator and freelancer for esports organisations across the globe. I joined Chiliz  in 2017 where I was given the opportunity to switch into an esports-focused role while still providing esports commentary for events/tournaments.”

What does your average day look like?

“I usually start my day off with breakfast before going through emails and my checklists for the day ahead. I also liaise with other departments such as Marketing to plan and discuss upcoming esports/gaming events and plan activities and activations.” 

What’s the best part of working at Chiliz? 

“I was the 12th person to join Chiliz. We’re now a team of over 60 people, spread across 24 nationalities and different offices around the world, which I believe is testament to the passion and drive that each of us has to make Chiliz a success. I can honestly say I enjoy working with everyone, from the Tech Team to Marketing and Partnerships – we’re a pretty talented bunch!” 

What’s your favorite part/feature of the app?

“Oh definitely, Token Hunt! The fact that I’m part of an AR (Augmented Reality) project that has produced such a cool product is insane. It’s the future, and while games like Pokemon GO may have led the charge, we’re using it in our own unique way to engage our users whilst activating our partners in a way that most companies can only dream of!”

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