New Coding Ninja Joins The chiliZ Team

Senior Backend Developer, Christos Georgiou

Here at chiliZ, we really are a multicultural family, with team members from France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia, Canada, Argentina, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Lithuania and of course Malta. And now, we welcome a new recruit from Greece.

Joining as Senior Backend Developer, Christos Georgiou originally hails from Lamia, Greece. At an early age, Christos was confident with computers, and would frequently delete the folder named System32. After studying Computer Science in Athens, he started his professional career working with PHP. After living and working in the UK for a short period, he moved to Malta and joined the chiliZ team.

“I joined chiliZ because I believe it will be a revolutionary platform in the future. The platform will change how fans all over the world participate in esports and it’s very exciting to work on the technology stack behind it.”