We are glad to announce today the launch of Socios ID, the first blockchain-based ID verification for the sports and entertainment industries and a $CHZ to FIAT debit card. 

Socios ID aims to allow our users and fans to have a global ID number (XXXX-1234), that can also be customized based on the amount of $CHZ owned to give advantages, reward loyalty, amongst a host of other benefits.

While Socios ID will be available on the mobile app and platform, as a blockchained-based KYC’ed identity tool, we are also glad to announce that we are preparing the launch this summer of the Prepaid Card. This will have both your Socios ID details and access to your crypto wallet, to spend your $CHZ but also other currencies.

This card will be a membership and payments card in one – a $CHZ to FIAT debit card that will seamlessly integrate with your in-app wallet, and that you can use to redeem rewards, instantly access partner discounts and more. 

We aim to launch Socios ID followed by a real live debit card, to allow live transactions of your $CHZ & Fan Tokens all over the world this Summer, targeting firstly the European market followed by LATAM, Turkey and Asia. 

“Using blockchain to create one unique ID for fans is an amazing use case especially in the sports and ticketing industries. Our focus is to launch a product that will be used by fans but more importantly will be connected to some of our partners’ ecosystems. This will allow fans to be empowered with their Fan Tokens but also rewarded with $CHZ and benefits thanks to this card. This strategic move is aimed at reinforcing our leadership in blockchain and sports innovation, by using technology to bring the clubs, sports teams & IPs closer to their global fan bases” says Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of and Chiliz. 

The details of the Card Issuer will be published at the release this summer, but the company is currently reviewing several crypto and non-crypto partners to support this product launch.