With two new developers and a Talent Acquisition Specialist, the chiliZ team is growing once again.

Nathaniel Portelli

FrontEnd Developer Nathaniel Portelli was a Lead Software Engineer at a gaming technology company before joining Mediarex. “The more I read about Mediarex, and the projects they are working on, the more interested I became. The chiliZ platform is very innovative — being able to work on this project is more than a privilege, especially given the use of blockchain technology. It’s amazing to join a company that is willing to invest in its employees, allowing me to expand my knowledge and become better at what I do.”

Francesco Lucia

Italian Francesco Lucia is Mediarex’s new Talent Acquisition Specialist. Having lived in Malta for four years, he previously specialised in recruitment for i-gaming and e-commerce, recruiting for customer service, marketing, finance, IT and Legal as well as senior management. “I am a gamer in my spare time, but I was also fascinated by chiliZ’ mission to change the ways sports and esports fans can interact with their favourite teams. My ultimate goal is to build a strong and successful team with innovators and top performers.”

Eric Castillo

Having studied Internet Application Development at Middlesex University, Eric Castillo, PHP Developer, has always been interested in programming. He started out as web developer before working as a Backend Developer in the gaming industry. “I decided to join chiliZ as I believe in the ambition of the project and the technology we are using.”