This week, we welcome two new recruits to the global chiliZ team.

Joe Grech, Social Media & Content Manager

Joining from the UK, Joe Grech joins as Social Media & Content Manager. An avid gamer and esports guru, Joe was previously Chief Operations Officer at Oddshot, the community video platform. Starting with League of Legends, Joe’s passion for gaming soon saw him progress to Counter-Strike.

Joe says: “chiliZ is a mix of my two favourite things — esports and blockchain, and enabling sports and esports fans to have a louder voice, whilst solving many of the issues that come along with running an esports organization. I’m so grateful to be part of such a talented team.”

Dorianne Spiteri, Legal & Compliance Manager

Dorianne Spiteri joins as Legal & Compliance Officer. Dorianne started her career as in-house legal counsel at Hili Ventures, a multi-disciplinary group headquartered in Malta, where she gained a broad-based practice in civil, commercial and corporate law, capital markets, employment law, data protection legislation, M&A transaction and corporate finance.

“I’m excited to have joined such as dynamic company, led by a highly energetic and ambitious team,” says Dorianne.