Why A Battlefield Battle Royale Is A Real Possibility

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When EA revealed Battlefield V yesterday, there was a collective sinking feeling in the hearts of the chiliZ team. It’s not that Battlefield V is historically inaccurate (we know that it’s unique point of view of DICE allows them to have more artistic freedom within the game)— the game is going to be a hit and we are all super excited about it — but it was because we were anticipating and hoping for a battle royale announcement from EA, which unfortunately didn’t happen…yet.

But not all hope is lost. Taking a closer look at the new features and mechanics of the upcoming Battlefield, we found many things which lead us to believe there is still a high chance for a battle royale within the Battlefield franchise.

Here we took a closer look at the gameplay features and changes that led us to believe that although a battle royale might not be native to the Battlefield V release, it could quite possibly be released as a standalone — keeping everything crossed here!

Image courtesy of EA

So why do we think there could be a Battlefield BR?

First things first, let’s look at the general changes which will make the game more competitive and are very important to a combative battle royale title.

Battlefield V will add a distinct recoil pattern for each weapon. It was not confirmed if it will be a fixed pattern as you find in CS:GO, or will go more in the direction of PUBG, which is more random, but with a degree of certainty behind it. No matter which direction it goes, either version can be learned, trained and mastered, which raises the bar in terms of skill.

The automatic spotting function won’t exist in BF5, so calling out enemies won’t be just the hit of a button and teammates shooting at markers on the screen anymore. So get your glasses and microphones ready. Squad communication and good eyes just became important again.

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Did you know that normally you don’t magically get better when you are sick and stand near a doctor or a first aid kit? No? Then you have definitely played too much Battlefield! But before you throw away your PC and go visit a doctor, know that EA also discovered this and will be changing this mechanic in BF5. No more supply aura!

This means you actually have to interact with items from now on. Pick the ammo up yourself and if no medic is around, you will have to bandage your own wounds. These things will take some time to complete whilst the animation finishes. So you will definitely think twice about whether you should pick up that ammo right now or rather try to land the very last bullet you have to buy you some time.

The health system in general will get an overhaul as well. Goodbye to the good old times where you could hide behind cover and wait for the regeneration to kick in, only to jump out with full health and act as if nothing happened. From now on, your health will regenerate to certain limit, from where on you have to either visit a supply depot or a medic to get back to full health. We think this is a great change to how the health system works and look forward to being more tactical when faced with conflict and knowing when to take the fight or waiting for your squad to show up.

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The previously mentioned changes are things that make the game more competitive in general and are, in our opinion, necessary to make a game fit for battle royale. The next points are also improving competitiveness, but looking at them they practically yell ‘Battle Royale’!.

With the the new game mode “Grand Operation”, they implemented the mechanic to jump out of an airplane going across the land and parachutedown to the ground. Is it a hint towards the plane in PUBG? We know how much DICE love their Easter Eggs.

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The new revive function comes in very handy for battle royale (especially as everyone can now do it!) and has been implemented in basically all released battle royale titles to date (apart from H1Z1).

All the above make us believe that there is still a chance for EA to release a standalone battle royale title based in the Battlefield universe. The frostbite engine is already working smoothly with 64 people on its servers. The 100 player mark is not far away.

But despite the possibility that there could be a battle royale title, the question is “what makes it unique and a success?”

Battlefield truly has potential here!

Fortify intact/destroyed buildings to hold your position/area better. Shoot grenades mid-air or throw them back when they land in front of your feet. Those opponents who just took cover in a shack? Keep them on their feet by shooting through the walls. Or simply jump into one of possibly many vehicles with your squad and roll out!

The players, weapons and vehicles are ALL customisable. Want a barb wire cricket bat? Go ahead.

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So, to sum it all up, lots of mechanics for a battle royale are in place and we want Battlefield Battle Royale…do you?

Written and edited by:

Lars Langenstueck (https://twitter.com/Xioteer) and Tom Pickering (https://twitter.com/WeefreemenYT)