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Chiliz, the creator of Fan Tokens, has launched its own Layer 1 EVM compatible blockchain. Chiliz Chain will become the leading infrastructure for sports, attracting teams, fans, and developers, to build web3 products and experiences that bring fans and brands together. 

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Chiliz powering
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Chiliz, founded in 2018, is a blockchain provider focused on the sports and entertainment industry. We build scalable, secure blockchain enabled solutions that supercharge fan experiences using digital assets.


CHZ is the native digital token for the Chiliz sports & entertainment ecosystem currently powering Socios.com, ChilizX and the Chiliz Chain.

Powered by the digital currency Chiliz ($CHZ), Socios.com is a fan engagement and rewards app that allows fans to engage with favourite teams and clubs through digital assets known as Fan Tokens.

Socios Collectibles – powered by Chiliz Chain – eliminates the risk of counterfeiting by implementing each item with an NFC chip and stores its data on the blockchain, allowing owners to verify authenticity and ownership using a smartphone.

Chiliz Legacy Chain

Chiliz Legacy Chain (previously known as Chiliz Chain 1.0) is a Proof of Authority (PoA) blockchain and the birthplace of the Fan Token – a digital asset class pioneered by Socios.com, which is the first application to utilize Chiliz blockchain technology.

Chiliz has recently launched an updated version of its original blockchain technology, known as Chiliz Chain (previously known as Chiliz Chain 2.0), which leverages the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus algorithm. This innovative upgrade is set to expand the Chiliz ecosystem by allowing smart contract developers, validators, stakers, and other stakeholders to participate in the network.

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