A home for web3 in
sports & entertainment

We built Chiliz Chain 2.0 (CC2) to connect like-minded stakeholders across sports & entertainment on the same protocol. We differentiate ourselves via industry-minded ecosystem support, a focus on maintaining brand IP/ project use-case integrity and curated developer access.


Governance: CC2 will operate on a Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism.

Centralized governance structure with proposal origination limited to the Chiliz team and voting consensus will be delegated to and executed by node owners.

Decentralized array of 11 at-launch high $CHZ staking threshold confirmation nodes to provide robust and agile proposal & whitelisting resolution.

Create Something New or Enhance the Existing

Option 1

Whitelisted developers on CC2 can mint & write smart contracts for completely original fungible/ non-fungible digital assets relevant to sports & entertainment

Option 2

Collaborate directly with Socios.com and the Chiliz Foundation to develop platforms and new utilities that leverage existing Socios.com/ Chiliz-developed assets (Fan Tokens, liveNFTS etc.

Chiliz Labs

We’re committing $50 million worth of $CHZ, together with an on-going commitment of collected gas fee repurposing in order to support the growth of the CC2 development community.

The Chiliz Labs is dedicated to connecting web3-interested businesses, enterprise developers and companies hungry to execute a web3 strategy with one another and with the broad ecosystem of IP and users we’ve already aggregated via Socios.com.

Reach out to us and lets see if we can build the next killer app utility asset, project or platform for sports and entertainment together:

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