Meet the Team…..behind the Team – Part 1

Working from home is, shall we say, challenging. From screaming kids to noisy neighbours, the international lockdown due to COVID-19 has certainly tested our patience. However, one major perk are pets! 

Here at Chiliz, pets are always welcome no matter how big or small, so come and meet the Team behind the Team, the guys that keep us sane. 

For all the cool cats and kittens out there, meet Nikka. The look says it all, unimpressed and sceptical, Nikka works within the Kat and Kompliance department where nothing escapes his gaze. Failure to submit correct identity documents? Good luck, you’ll have Nikka to deal with. 

Never far from a flapping good story, Pichinek, the 11-year-old peach-faced PR bird, just can’t keep his beak out of the latest happenings across the world of crypto and football. 

Pichinek’s colourful plumage is a testament to the variety of stories this middle-aged bird can whip-up. Got a message to send? Forget the pigeon, send in Pichinek!



You’d be forgiven for thinking you know this distinguished dog. He achieved internet fame last year after being featured on LovinMalta. Having spent 7 years in a shelter waiting for a loving home, Dexter finally found one. He now has an extended family after becoming our new CCO, Chief Customer Officer specialising in Customer Support. Got a query? Dexter’s the name and great service is the game. 



From reviewing contracts to dealing with world famous football clubs like FC Barkalona, these legal hounds just love sniffing out the details and pursuing the best possible deal. As part of the legal department, they ensure the smooth running of Chiliz even though they might be the cause of chaos some of the time 😉 



Eagle-eyed and ready to pounce on any unnecessary expenditure, our CFO, Cat Financial Officer, Laila, helped by little Jamie and Dugy the dino, make sure that our finances are all up-to-date. 

Make sure to check back for Part 2 of Meet the Team behind the Team this week.