Welcome to part 2 of Meet the Team….behind the Team, introducing you to a bunch of furballs that help keep us on an even keel, as we work from home during this challenging  time. 

From the start Chiliz has been a pet friendly office. Pets help alleviate stress, promote productivity and generally lift our mood, so come and meet the team behind the team. 

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the one, the only, the original Chiliz office pup….Milo! From day 1 our CEO Alex Dreyfus said this pup was destined for great things. With a flair for creative thinking, especially when sneakily stealing things from people’s bags, Milo holds a special place in our hearts. 

You’d be hopping mad not to stop and cuddle this little member of the tech team. From gnawing down on a bit of juicy code to nibbling away at any bugs, Bobby has us covered. Just keep him away from any cables 😉 

Sitting in a position that only a member of the design team could, Mason has a sharp eye for detail and just loves purring her way through the toughest design tasks. Named after Kourtney Kardashian’s first son, no one knew Mason was actually female when she was named – a discovery made much later ? 

Meet Bernie, unlike his namesake, he’s not looking to become President of the United States, but just loves sniffing out a good piece of code. Keep him away from Bobby though, the two don’t get along. 

These 2 Russian hounds just love seeking out new partnership opportunities with sports teams across the world. They didn’t have the easiest start in life – Grace (on the chair) was adopted from a shelter and Timon (under the desk) was found on the street – but they now have a much larger family at Chiliz. Timon also loves the CEOs baguettes, a taste he acquired while the boss briefly left his office, leaving his lunch on his desk. 

Dolly and Benji like to think they run things but it’s Boris the British Shorthair that really runs the show. The Ginger Ninja as he’s nicknamed, disarms you with his chubby good looks but don’t let his laid back demeanor fool you. 

The trio ensure that Chiliz runs as smoothly as possible, Benji the Doberman mix, who was rescued from a shelter is our Chief Mischief Officer and certainly lives up to his role, while Dolly the French Bulldog, keeps her eye firmly on the ball and anyone with a ball. 

Meet CatSinatra, named after one of Ernest Hemingway’s many cats, he’s part of the video team and can often be seen directing his fellow felines in the Maltese capital, Valletta. CatSinatra was just a tiny kitten when he was found in the street by his owner with a slim chance of survival. Nursed back to health, CatSinatra is now, happy, healthy and above all, a member of the Chiliz team.