Chiliz Testnet,
Scoville now live!

Welcome to Chiliz Chain 2.0 Testnet "Scoville":

A curated, scalable, semi-decentralised blockchain for start-up and enterprise level sports & media organizations.

The vision

CC2 is the protocol foundation of a web3 development ecosystem where stakeholders from the sports & entertainment industries are able to build web3 experiences within a secure network-effect driven community. Access global brands, leverage an existing Fan Token audience & create something special.

Optimal scalability to enable user-centric platforms capable of on-boarding fans at scale. Development supported by leading blockchain infrastructure provider ANKR

A governance structure that enables robust development curation access while offering whitelisted developers the freedom to create both centralized and decentralized platforms/products

Exposure to the adoption benefits of building within a framework already used by the global sports & entertainment community at an organizational and fan level as well as direct integrations with global digital asset exchanges

The reason to evolve was never meant as the sole product to sit atop the Chiliz blockchain, and the $CHZ token was never meant solely as a medium of exchange. The value of both is much deeper.

We needed the closed ecosystem of Chiliz Chain V1 as an advantage to experiment, and now the focus becomes three-fold:​


Creating an open ecosystem which will enable vetted 3rd party developers to build in parallel to; creating externalized uses for existing Fan Tokens and designing new experiences across new verticals that go beyond Fan Tokens and focus on other digital asset classes.


Transitioning the $CHZ token away from simply being an optimal in-app currency and to its rightful place as the network enabler of the open, multi-vertical Chiliz Chain v2 ecosystem, unlocking further utility.


Adopting a PoSA (Proof of Stake Authority) model in which all approved stakeholders, whether it is partners or others, will become node operators and benefit from continued adoption of the network.

A call for dApps and Apps

It’s time for builders to build!

DEFI Products



P&E Games

Event Ticketing

Loyalty Programs

Merchandising Certification

Value Proposition

Making Ethereum more accessible

EVM Compatible​

Built using EVM technology, full Ethereum compatibility

Low fees​

Network fees below $0.20, making it cheap to transact

High TPS

Send transactions and interact with smart contracts with ease and speed

A new era for CHZ

Realize the full potential utility for the CHZ token, stake and receive rewards

How Scoville will evolve

How Scoville will evolve


Phase 1 -Anaheim
31st March

Faucet for CHZ


NFT smart contract

Fan Token Smart Contract

Community developer access

Fan Token Faucet

Phase 2 - Jalapeno
17th May

Survey Smart Contract

Phase 3 - Serrano
29th September

CHZ Cross-Chain bridge

Phase 4 - Cayenne
24th October

Documentation on building a local node
Github repo release

Phase 5 - Pequin

Staking CHZ
Governance/voting UI

Phase 6 - Malagueta

NFT Campaign
Final audits


Phase 7 - Habanero
Launch: Q3 - Q4

Phase 8: TBA

Features Coming Soon