Chilizens, as promised, Juventus ($JUV) Fan Token trading will begin today at 3pm (CET) on Chiliz.net, the world’s first exchange platform for sports & entertainment.

The launch marks the introduction of a new tradeable class of digital asset, where price will be defined by market demand arising from factors including fan sentiment, results, tournament victories and transfer window activity. 

$JUV held on Socios.com can now be withdrawn to Chiliz.net using the ‘withdraw’ feature in the app.

All Fan Tokens purchased on Socios.com during the Fan Token Offerings (FTO™) are subject to a 90 day lock from the date of purchase. 

So, if you purchased your $JUV on the last day of the $JUV (FTO™) you’ll still have to wait around 3 months before they can be withdrawn to Chiliz.net. 

Fan Tokens for FC Barcelona ($BAR) Paris Saint-Germain ($PSG), Atlético de Madrid ($ATM), A.S. Roma ($ASR), Galatasaray ($GAL) CA Independiente ($IND) and esports giants OG ($OG) will go live on Chiliz.net in the coming months. 

Trading of many more Fan Tokens from the world of sports & entertainment is expected in 2020. In the meantime, we’re working hard to deliver the best fan experiences & rewards (both outside and inside the stadium once football returns). 

We’ll be back with a more thorough update, including details on the first few hours of $JUV trading on Chiliz.net!

Note – in a few weeks time we’ll integrate live trading directly into the Socios.com app, which should lead to plenty of regular sports fans from our roster of partner clubs trying out trading for the first time. Pricing in Socios.com will come from the Chiliz.net order book.

The Chiliz.net mobile app is available now for download on Android & iOS