What it is

A currency that fuels blockchain-backed platforms & products geared toward casual, mainstream consumers beginning with Socios.com


Where do I get it

The -$CHZ- token will be available on cryptocurrency exchanges after its launch, also receivable on $CHZ-powered platforms directly with your debit/ credit card, or via payment gateways. 

chiliZ is the rocket fuel for the following platforms


Powering products for mainstream blockchain adoption

chiliZ ($CHZ) is made to power platforms and products for mainstream blockchain adoption

Our difference - instead of advocating for chiliZ to be adopted as a currency for these uses, we are actively developing the first mainstream, mass-market-ready platforms and products that will be powered by it. Socios.com is (a big) “step 1” in this direction.

chiliZ is currently an ERC20 token designed for use on the Ethereum blockchain. As a cryptocurrency, chiliZ derives its USPs from the unified approach its development team have towards creating widely adoptable, mainstream platforms and products for it to power.

Beginning with Socios.com, we are positioning chiliZ as the token which fuels exchange in blockchain backed platforms geared towards casual, mass market consumers, featuring easy-to-grasp utilities focused on elevating everyday experiences. This means creating new layers for fan engagement in entertainment, developing alternative payment solutions for conventional products, and more.

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Project Background

$CHZ Token Technology

chiliZ ($CHZ) is currently an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, falling in line with all standards for this token type on the Ethereum network. Total $CHZ supply will top out at 8,888,888,888 tokens, and each token will be divisible up to 18 decimal points.

In short, unless $CHZ shifts away from Ethereum to utilize another blockchain protocol, it remains as a standard ERC20 token and thus technically equivalent, in terms of the standards which regulate it, to the multitude of other tokens now populating the Ethereum network.

So why is $CHZ different? ERC20 tokens - like any different currency - gain their uniqueness via the different rights or utilities they bestow on their owners. Any currency is only as good as the economy its utility supports. $CHZ has a leg up in this sphere due to its at-launch utility as the exclusive currency of the Socios.com platform. Other $CHZ-exclusive products and platforms are being developed in tandem with the token’s post-launch journey to adoption as well.

chiliZ Token Distribution

Total chiliZ to be minted
($CHZ) 8,888,888,888

Private Pre-sale and Public sale Hardcap
($CHZ) 3,066,666,666

chiliZ issued to Team + Seed Investors
($CHZ) 1,111,111,110

chiliZ issued to Advisory Board
($CHZ) 266,666,666

Userbase Reserve
($CHZ) 1,777,777,780*

Marketing Operations
($CHZ) 1,333,333,333

Strategic Acquisitions
($CHZ) 1,333,333,333

*3 token addition to Userbase Reserve factored
in to off-set fractional allocations to other uses/ parties.

Private placement completed | $66 Million raised

Funding Allocation

Operational Expenses: 58%

A majority of funds will be used to build-out chiliZ powered platforms, and secure sports and esports partnerships.

User Acquisition: 20%

Funds will be used to acquire new users for chiliZ powered platforms, specifically Socios.com, and grow engagement in its Voting, P2P trading marketplaces and member/ Fan Token holder rewards structures.

Corporate Structuring: 10%

Funds will be used to ensure all platforms powered by chiliZ, including Socios.com, maintain fully independent operations & the strategic freedom to grow on its own terms.

Security & Legal: 5%

Funds will ensure timely audits for the security of chiliZ as a currency and the platforms it powers & ensure their operational legality in the EU and in all other global markets.

Ecosystem Support: 7%

chiliZ will invest in Malta’s emergent Blockchain ecosystem, developing valuable partnerships to help the company and its stakeholders as we grow.

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Government support & local Token Sale execution

Working in a blockchain-friendly legislative environment

The chiliZToken Sale will be executed in Malta, where the Mediarex team has been based for over 12 years. Malta is an EU member nation with a pro-blockchain project exploration/ adoption government that is actively building regulatory and tech infrastructure to support these initiatives.

With roughly 25% of it’s national GDP driven by Financial Services, Fintech & Gaming sectors, Malta looks to support local blockchain entrepreneurial efforts as a long-term investment in it’s own economic growth & evolution.

The nation is currently in the process of formalizing these efforts into a ‘Virtual Currency Act’, paving the way for a first-of-its-kind auditing framework made specifically to regulate blockchain-driven investment operations such as Token Sales.

Working in a blockchain-friendly legislative environment

chiliZ & its parent company Mediarex Enterprises Ltd. are not an off-shore vehicle (not operating through Bermuda & Belize as a majority of Token Sales are) – instead working through the European banking system & under full regulatory oversight. All Mediarex company accounts are audited and publicly available.

www.TimesOfMalta.com – “Malta Inches Closer to a Virtual Currency Act”


Secretary Silvio Schembri (left), Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (center) & chiliZ CEO Alexandre Dreyfus (right) meeting to discuss the future of esports & blockchain initiatives in Malta.

Meet the workforce behind chiliZ

chiliZ Team

Alexandre Dreyfus
Chief Executive Officer

Thibaut Pelletier
Chief Technology Officer

Max Rabinovitch
Chief Strategy Officer

Emma Diskin
PR & Communications Director

Magnus Linder
Head of Partnerships

Business experts


Mickey Kim
Director, Google

Gil Rotem
Former Gaming COO, Bet365

Tarquin Henderson
Former Head, EMEA Gaming Sales, Facebook

Dr. Christian Mueller
Director, Business Dev., Infront Sports

Morten Pedersen Tonnesen
CEO, Ve Global

Thomas Winter
VP, Golden Nugget Interactive

Ludovic Bodin
Co-Founder, French Tech (Beijing)

Matthieu Pigasse
Global Head of M&A, Lazard Bank

Sam Li
Head, Strategic Partnerships, Sina Sports

Esports experts


Dr DisRespect
Twitch Icon

Wouter Sleijffers
CEO, Fnatic

Nicolas Maurer
Owner & CEO, Team Vitality

Poker Icon, Esports Star

Youtube Influencer

Guillaume Patry
StarCraft World Champion

Hong “YellOw” Jin-Ho
Korean TV Personality, StarCraft Icon


Ceyuan Ventures
Venture Capital Firm

Top tier Beijing Based Venture Capital firm & early investor into the OKEx exchange. Founded by Bo Feng (pictured, top).

Dr Stanley Choi
Venture Capitalist

Dr Choi, together with H&S Financial Group are a leading financial vehicle focused on IPOs & gaming transactions.

Xavier Niel
Telecommunications Tycoon

French telecom mogul, majority shareholder of Free, Monoco Telecom, Eir Telecom & owner of Le Monde.

John Gleasure
Founder, Board Member, Perform Group

Current Chief Commercial Officer of DAZN, a.k.a the ‘Netflix’ of Sports.

Cornerstone Investors


Binance is an international cryptocurrency exchange platform and the largest of its kind by trading volume in the world. Acting as more than an exchange enabler, Binance actively works to promote regulated cryptocurrency exchange and adoption across global markets and supports emerging projects.

OK Blockchain Capital

Blockchain consultation and technology support arm of OKex, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Steven Nerayoff, Esq., LL.M.

Prolific serial entrepreneur, attorney inventor of 20 internationally recognized patents. In addition to his role as a Co-Founder & ICO Legal Architect for Ethereum, his involvement in other high profile blockchain projects includes Lisk, Bancor, tZERO, ZenCash, ZCash, Ripio, Aion & Storm.

Ceyuan Ventures

A top-tier venture capital firm focused on exploring emerging technologies. Ceyuan Ventures was an early investor in OKex & continues to actively work to help finance and propel established blockchain projects forward. The company was founded by Bo Feng.

Our offices


Mediarex Enterprises Ltd
Melita Court, Level 3
Triq Giuseppe Cali, Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1420


Mediarex Beijing Sports and Culture Ltd
D2 #50901,Galaxy SOHO
Chaoyangmennei Street

South Korea

37, Gukjegeumyung-ro 2-gil,
Seoul, Republic of Korea